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It’s not until after the fans leave the stadium on Saturday afternoons that “the game” really begins–painstakingly rigorous preparation for the next week, the next team.

Here’s an archived list of some of The Pride of Trenton‘s stories from the space between the action.

11/13–TCNJ vs. Rowan: Need I say more?

11/13–Lions Offense Missing Big Uglies, Uber Productivity

11/12–Don’t Blame it on the D: Numbers suggest vast improvement in TCNJ defense

11/9–TCNJ’s future brightened in spite of dismal present

11/6–Bounds limitless for TCNJ defense–Hamilton: They finally get it

11/6–TCNJ deals with unfamiliar foe: recent 3-game skid

11/5–Rowan can wait–TCNJ: We got West Conn first

11/1–Flannery: Saturday’s loss was a step backward for TCNJ defense

11/1–TCNJ impressed with backup QB’s poise in hostile environment

10/29–Lions out, but not down–TCNJ: We ain’t about to quit

10/22–Lions down, but not out yet–TCNJ’s 2009 playoff picture

10/18–Players, coaches defend TCNJ quarterback following loss to Willie P

10/9–Friends today, foes tomorrow–Hamilton reworks schedule to accommodate for traveling Golden Eagles

10/6–Players defend gutsy fourth-down calls in the aftermath of Lions’ 1st loss

9/15–Special Monday Practice Feature: Chris James gets equipment makeover, crash course in “Sports Tech: 101”

9/10 — Mid-Week Practice Update: Vacation? Playa, please

9/9 — Special Photo Journal Feature: Wednesday’s sights and…well…sights

9/3 — News and notes from Lions’ practice: Lions’ WRs–Pick your poison

8/27 — McNabb may have been kidding, but Acosta’s not laughing — Billy Pic’s big move

8/25 — Ross’ unexpected return to practice pleasant surprise to O-line, news to coaching staff

8/23 — Spahn, Jones, LBs shine amidst dark skies hovering over Lions’ training camp finale

8/22 — Thunder, injuries rain on Lions’ camp before final stretch of preseason

8/22 — Richardson, receivers dominate in preseason’s first two-a-day action

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