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BREAKING NEWS: Brockport to practice in Lions’ Stadium

October 9, 2009

Who says there’ no such thing as sportsmanship anymore?

Team sources indicated this afternoon that The College of Brockport is scheduled to conduct its pregame walk-through in Lions’ Stadium today at 5:30pm. Lions’ head coach Eric Hamilton was unavailable for comment, reportedly involved in organized team activities for his own program’s preparation.

Lions’ defensive end Craig Meyer could not speak on the details of the agreement, though, according to him, it’s relatively common throughout the conference.

“It’s a courtesy thing,” he said, via phone interview.

Had the team agreed to a Brockport request, it would be fitting, considering they’ve been beneficiaries of a similar courtesy.

A year ago, when the schedule called for the Lions to travel to upstate New York to face Buffalo State University, Meyer remembers conducting a similar team activity in the Bengals’ facility. Transportation must be taken care of before game day for the lengthy trips, considering players’ performances would likely suffer after sitting on a Greyhound for upwards of six hours.

The program’s athletic director and head football coach, Jerry Boyes, was unavailable for comment, according to his secretary “about halfway through” a road trip to Union, NJ where his team will face Kean University tomorrow.

In 2007, during the Lion’s conference championship campaign, Meyer recalls even more collaborative efforts to make their travel more comfortable. On the way to face Cortland State University, another northern New York opponent, Lions’ coaching staff requested to make a pit stop at Buffalo State for the team’s walk through, a necessary final touch to a week’s worth of planning.

An act of kindness for which Meyer says he was grateful.

“It’s pretty cool when everyone’s helping each other out like that. I know we appreciated it.”


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