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TCNJ Lions football photos now on Flickr

September 12, 2009

photos now on flickr

photos now on flickr

Now, I’m not entirely sure how many pairs of socks were torn off by last Wednesday’s photo feature, but for those of you that enjoyed it–maybe hoping for a little more–you’re in luck. You now have the opportunity.

Available starting today (and hopefully for a while, assuming I don’t break some fine-print detail of the site’s Terms of Use) I’ll be posting still images on Flickr for your viewing enjoyment.

Hell, since I’m in such a good mood, I’ll even give you guys the option for how you’d like to view them.



Click here to view Matty’s Flickr Photostream.

Nothing fancy–just a long, bland, scrollable list of pictures…womp, womp. Not too much fun.



Click here to view Matty’s Flickr Slide Show.

Now this is the good stuff. Allow your mind to wander free, while my tactfully ordered and photoshopped images massage your eyes like the sweet ambiance of smooth jazz rub down your eardrums–and your soul. All the while, enjoy the added splendor of the experience as an investment–one in your readership of The Pride of Trenton moving forward, having laid eyes on the vividly illustrated personality of the program.

Or something like that…


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