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Former D3 Coach-of-the-Year Jerry Boyes back in [orange and] black

September 4, 2009

In the nine years since he’d accepted his passive role as athletic director–detached from directly control over the Bengals’ football program–former head coach Jerry Boyes helplessly watched the deterioration of one of the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference’s (ECAC, under which the NJAC is a subdivision) former top-tier competitors, epitomized by Buffalo State’s back-to-back substandard finishes in 2007 (2-8; 1-6 NJAC) and 2008 (1-9; 1-8 NJAC).

Now–after the better part of a decade–Boyes has decided he’s had enough.

For the first time since the 2000 regular season, Boyes will reassume his old position as head coach, likely presenting a wrinkle in Lions’ head coach Eric Hamilton‘s game day preparations for this weekend’s season opener.

His opponent’s staff didn’t adhere to the unwritten rule of professional courtesy among coaches, offering no game tape of his Begnals’ preseason  (on alleged account there wasn’t any), which doesn’t do Hamilton any favors while he develops a game plan for a Buffalo State team likely to look drastically different from the one it faced a year ago.

The last time he coached, Buffalo State enjoyed its fair share of success. After inheriting a fledgling program in 1986 (only six years as varsity sport) Boyes catapulted the Bengals’ status from “new kid on the block” to “king of the hill,” most evidenced by its 10-year run of consecutive playoff berths from 1991-2000–a streak that ended shortly after his departure as coach.

During his 15 seasons on the Bengals’ sidelines, Boyes maintained a consistent tradition of excellence throughout the entirety of his tenure, which translated into a .589 winning percentage over the span (89-62 overall). In addition to winning honors as three-time ECAC Coach of the Year, Boyes’ resume boasts a CNN Division III Coach of the Year award, which he earned in 2995.

While responsible for recruiting duties, Boyes integrated 12 All-Americans and four Academic All-Americans over the decade-and-a-half, establishing the upper-New York institution’s football program as a perennial playoff contender.

This off-season development adds yet another component to an already dynamic NJAC showdown, set to be settled this weekend, Saturday Sept.5 at noon, in Lions’ Stadium.


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